Recent Reviews

"Dr. Ashley Caldwell is the epitome of the word exceptional. Not only is her demeanor and bedside manner incredibly kind and patient, but from the moment that you meet her, you'll truly see how intelligent she is and that she is a one of a kind doctor! Having never gone to a chiropractor, she instantly put me at ease and developed an amazing care plan that fully addressed all of my needs. I can especially recommend her for Chiropractic care during pregnancy. She helped me so much during my own [pregnancy], and I truly believe that her care helped me with labor and the postpartum period as well. You will not regret working through your own needs with her as I'm sure you'll leave the office the same way I always did - feeling great and with a huge smile across your face!"

- Kristina C.

"Dr. Caldwell was the first chiropractor I let adjust me and she'll be the only! She knew I was nervous and took her time with me, talked me through the whole process and put me at ease!"

- Kelly D.

"Highly recommend Dr. Ashley for your chiropractic needs!! Excellent doctor."

- Rachel F.

"Dr. Ashley Caldwell is the best chiropractor I’ve been to. She is one of these rare people who truly cares about her patients’ wellbeing. She takes the time to listen to my strange descriptions of “poking” and “feeling off” before she makes adjustments, and, once she’s done, I always feel great! One of her adjustments actually cleared my hearing, and I can’t begin to explain how wonderful that felt! Highly, highly recommend Empower Chiropractic and Dr. Ashley!"

- Rasha A.

"Visiting Dr. Ashley Caldwell for my issues was an absolute delight. I was in need of serious treatment and quite anxious about seeing a new doctor. However, Dr. Cadwell put me at ease immediately. Her office was warm and inviting. It was apparent that she put a great deal of time and attention in creating a healing environment. She specializes in prenatal and postpartum care, children of all ages, and athletes.

I scheduled a visit to discuss pain associated with my knees and shoulder. She patiently let me explain the symptoms and helped to identify the source of the issue. Dr. Cadwell made suggestions on how to improve the ergonomics of my workstation (causing shoulder pain) and exercises that would strengthen the muscles surrounding my knees. After a few sessions, my pain subsided and my mobility returned.

I appreciate that she was able to provide assistance both in and out of the office so that I could manage these issues over time. She was taking care of my injuries as though I was family. What more could you ask for! Her approach was exactly what the doctor ordered (literally) and I highly recommend a visit."

- Diana C.

"Before my husband and I moved to Florida we had a chiropractor we hated to leave behind. We found Dr. Ashley shortly after moving and are so happy we did. Her gentle and effective approach is amazing. She has helped my neck and back pain. I am so confident in her she has also treated our daughter. You will get nothing but top notch and honest care with her."

- Laura H.

"Doc Ash was my chiropractor when I first moved to Winter Garden. She is a wonderful doctor and a beautiful soul & friend. I had to switch doctors while she went on to open her own practice which I am so proud of her for! And I can't wait to get started back up with her very soon! It was because of her attention to detail and referrals to other doctors that now finally after years of seeing other doctors, I am having neck surgery that will change my life for the better forever! This amazing lady loves her patients and I know whoever is in her care, she will treat with the utmost respect and a loving heart!"

- Nicole W.

"Dr. Ashley is amazing, she really takes the extra care and time to get to know you more than just your bones. I'm excited to see the tracking and progress of both me and my 6 year old son."

- Naomi R.

"I was in need of an adjustment and my regular chiropractor was on vacation, needless to say I was quiet hesitant about trying someone new but i'm glad I did. Dr. Ashley was great at alleviating my discomfort and also pointing out a few stretches which could help the area. I appreciate that she spent time listening to me and not just trying to rush my treatment."

- Rose S.

"Dr. Caldwell is a lovely person, and a highly skilled chiropractor. The office at Empower Chiropractic is calming and serene, which is time for your comfort and relaxation as you are adjusted back to optimal health."

- Lauren B.

"Dr Ashley is awesome!! Moved from NY a few years ago and I needed to establish myself with a new chiropractor. Thought I would have to try out a few different chiropractors before I found one that I really liked and felt comfortable with. Well that was not the case, Dr Ashley takes the time to get to know you and listens to your needs and because of that, she established a plan to help me get my back and neck better and stronger. I’m grateful for Dr Ashley!!!"

- Traci L.