But Why Chiropractic?

The Prenatal Chiropractic Link

There are a number of reasons moms like to come in while they are pregnant. It is vital to have a balanced pelvis throughout the pregnancy and laboring process. Making sure your body is balanced will cause the muscles and ligaments to relax so the baby can get into the optimal head down position for birth. If the pelvis is not balanced, it can make the birthing process more difficult.

Not pregnant yet but trying?! Perfect, we can help make sure your body is in the best state to receive this perfect gift. Every birth/pregnancy is different and should be treated as a unique journey. Growing a tiny human is work and caring for your baby the same way you care for yourself is important. The body is dynamic and forever changing, this is especially true when someone becomes pregnant. We can support your body with chiropractic care from conception through to your postpartum phase.

Child Development and Chiropractic Care

There are many typical obstacles during the first few critical weeks and years of a child's development.

When babies are delivered, it is not uncommon for their heads to be pulled or twisted to help them out of the birth canal. This is usually done with 60-90 pounds of pressure on the baby’s head. The pulling motion can sometimes cause subluxation or spinal misalignment most commonly found in the top bone of their neck. This subluxation can lead to decreased nerve function and could even cause problems such as colic, constipation, difficulty breastfeeding, and ear infections.

As chiropractors, we are able to examine the child and see how their nervous system is functioning. As children grow and start to reach milestones such as crawling, pulling themselves up, walking, and playing it is important to make sure their “master control” system (nervous system) is clear. During these developmental stages, the nervous system is constantly experiencing new load and is reprogramming itself to take on new tasks. During that process, many kids experience falls and traumas. By bringing their kids to us, parents help their children’s bodies better adapt to their environment.

When a child's nervous system is clear, they may experience and benefit from:

  • Relieved colic or irritability symptoms
  • Improved breastfeeding and latching outcomes
  • Decreased frequency of ear infections/ prevent future ear infections from occurring
  • Increased immune system function
  • Decreased bed wetting incidence
  • Improved baby sleep patterns
  • Relieved constipation or digestive issues
  • Improved concentration/behavior
  • Less asthma
  • Enhanced athletic performance and/or recovery
  • Milestones reached on schedule